About Us

First off THANK YOU for checking us out. We understand that you have many options in the marketplace to choose to do business with. We are grateful you have chosen us. Our names are Jayson and Stephanie. We are the founders of Bennett Craftworks. We started this as a hobby but have had such strong demand for our products we decided to offer them to everyone. We are different because we want to offer you an amazing level of customer service through communication, customization, respect and willingness to work in conjunction with you to create something unique and special. We don't want to be like most sellers, we want you to have an experience that you want to tell your friends and family about. We want to produce quality items that you will be proud to gift someone or to decorate your home with. All of our products are highly customizable because of the quality machinery and tools we use to handcraft our items. We have an entire workshop of traditional woodworking tools such as table saws, planers, bandsaws and such. We also use specialty tools such as a 60w CO2 laser for cutting and engraving. We run Shapeoko wood CNC machines, Bambu Labs 3d printers and high-end sanding equipment to give our products beautiful finishes. We take great pride in our work and can't wait hear how much you love them too! Everything is handcrafted in Lorain, OH before being carefully packed and sent to you.

Please reach out to us with ANY questions.

~Jayson and Stephanie